Welcome to my GitHub Account.

Hi, I'm D Deryl Downey (@ddd). I've been involved with the Open Source community since right after my birthday in November of 1991. I started out my journey into open source projects with Linux. Back then, I started with MCC Linux, moved to SLS Linux, and then moved over to Slackware with Patrick Volkerding.

Over the years I've changed distributions a lot, using such greats as Debian GNU/Linux, RedHat Linux, and others. While with the Debian GNU/Linux project I was both the upstream, and the package maintainer of libpam-pgsql. Several years ago, I left the Debian GNU/Linux project. Currently, Jan Dittberner wears both those hats for that package.

I'm currently back in college, at the age of 45, getting my Associate's Degree in Network Technologies from Maysville Community & Technical College. My family and I run a little 7 acre farm as well.

Not a whole lot of activity going on here. However, as things arise, I'll post! Feel free to check out my homepage periodically to see what I'm up to. For more information on what projects I'm working on, see me on GitHub. They're an excellent place to store your own personal projects, and to garner collaborators to give you a hand!